Tuesday, 4 May 2021

Supermarket Creatures: a brand new 'laugh out loud' book from Phil Lowe.

Sorry there have been no posts since October 2020. I have been very busy writing and editing my brand new book Supermarket Creatures which was launched last week on Amazon. I am very excited about this latest project which has already been getting glowing 5* reviews on Amazon. Here is the back page blurb to give you a flavour of what Supermarket Creatures is all about. It is available as a Kindle e-book or as a paperback. Place your orders HERE.

Humour, food and theatre writer, Phil Lowe, takes us on a dizzying tour of what it can be like to work in a British supermarket and, more specifically, behind the meat, fish, hot food and delicatessen counters. Complete with real-life stories from ex butcher Phil and many other former Tesco Extra Counters’ employees from around the UK, Supermarket Creatures will guarantee anyone who has ever shopped in or worked at a major supermarket, a bulging trolley full of laughs. The book includes more than a few juicy retail revelations and some funny and no-nonsense tales about the fresh food supermarket world. You can expect to find anecdotes about the habits of annoying customers; the silly things they do and say; shocking stories of supermarket theft; and expertly detailed descriptions of the day-to-day work on the counters. Phil’s fascinating Tesco related food blogposts, include and reveal, how he became the Tesco butcher in their television advert. Phil Lowe cleverly brings in his love of theatre and irrepressible wit to make Supermarket Creatures a unique set of human and relatable stories. Many of the supermarket counters may be gone now but they live on in this highly readable book.

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