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Sunday, 19 June 2011

Some very good news and Happy Father's Day to all Dads.

  • My friend Janette alerted me to the fact that one of my food heroes 'Rick Stein' is coming to Nottingham to do a book signing at the Waterstone's bookshop on Tuesday 19th July (5.30pm). Will I be there? You try and stop me! He is promoting his new cookery book Rick Stein's Spain.

  • Thankyou very much to the three people who have kindly sent in small donations via the donation button on this site. Your monies will be used to teach me more about fish and sustainable fishing.

  • Happy Father's Day thoughts go out to my Dad Bob who passed away some years ago. He always liked his plain English food and collecting berries from the wild.


Janette said...

Hopefully will be there to meet Mr Stein with you and as I will be the calm one, will be able to photograph the occasion!

Dom at Belleau Kitchen said...

lucky you... send Rick our best and tell him how much we all love him!... love that pic of your dad... we can see where you get your good looks!... x

Gailsman said...

Hopefully I'll pop along and take a shot or two for my blog. It's always difficult though with so many people queuing up to say hello.

Dean said...

I love his overpriced Xmas puds and have one every year after my parents bought me one in the Padstowe shop, I wonder if he will bring me one up on his way lol

Phil Lowe said...

Janette: I may be a bit excited/nervous.

Dom: You boys are very kind and I will pass my regards to Rick for you.

Gailsman: I don't think that Waterstones will let you just snap away without buying a Spain book.

Dean: I'll ask him for you, although I'll omit the 'overpriced' bit/ lol