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Monday, 2 February 2015

A trip to Ettlingen and a German butcher's shop.

Back in December 2014 I was in Germany for five days in order to perform a play that I had written called 'Greetings From The Trenches' and most of the time I stayed in and around Karlsruhe. On the Saturday (after the two performances were done) I took a trip out to the nearby town of Ettlingen. I got there by tram and spent a pleasant hour or so wandering the picturesque streets and took in some of the atmosphere of the Christmas market. The had been some rain earlier in the day and the streets were wet.

On one of the main narrow shopping streets I spied a butcher's shop - a very busy butcher's shop - and had a nose around. I wish now that I had written down the name of this establishment but I didn't. I did however take some photographs, not only of the interior of the Metzgerei but also the signs outside telling of the freshness of the meat and local animals used for produce.

Although I was doing nothing wrong by taking the photographs I felt slightly shy about doing so and was a bit nervous in case they thought I was a customer and wanted serving. My German language is ok but all the same!

The yellow coloured signs were situated out on the street and this business was clearly proud of its produce and I noticed several Gold award certificates on the wall and prize winning cups displayed. As you might imagine there were a lots of different kinds of sausage on offer and more calf meat than would be for sale in an English butchery. I will be writing more about these differences in my future blog posts.