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Thursday, 26 March 2009

There is no way that I'm eating that!!!!

Another debating topic that came up on my local radio the other day was foods that people said they would never eat even though they had never actually tried them. This refusal can be from the look of food stuffs, the smell of food stuffs, the knowledge that a friend or family member had eaten them and hated the experience and lots of other interpretations that has led to us saying: 'There is no way that I'm eating that!'

This is not an exclusive list but have a think about the following and let us know what foods (or drinks) has led you to disapprove of something to eat or drink without even trying it.

Octopus, cockles and mussels, squid, cod roe, spinach, chitterlings, stuffed lamb hearts, tripe, pigs trotters, cow heel, brains, very strong cheeses, olives, liver, kidmeys etc.


TheManOfNotts said...

Snails. We have this conversation every few weeks at work - "mate, would you eat snails?" and my answer is always the same - "our survey says.....uh uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

The reason? Snails are slimey, horrid slow things, consist mostly of water and slide across the ground...and they've got them little grey bits on them as well.....Oh oh...i'm getting queezy....Look out...up comes lunch!

Good post Phil.

Cheryl said...

I want to try everything at least once except this tribal drink, can't remember the name of it, consisting mostly of spit. No that I'm ever likely to run across it anyway but I can pass on that one.

Athina said...

I think I read a humorous essay somewhere telling about a restaurant specialty called Flaming Hog Balls. Yuuuuck! Ultimate nightmare.

I eat mussles specially NZ mussles but I remove the part with digested seaweeds in it.:)

In the Philippines, street food like barbecued chicken heads, chicken intestines (nicknamed IUD)and chicken feet (nicknamed ADIDAS)are popular to the pedestrian crowd. Shocked?

Phil Lowe said...

'In the Philippines, street food like barbecued chicken heads, chicken intestines (nicknamed IUD)and chicken feet (nicknamed ADIDAS)are popular to the pedestrian crowd. Shocked?'

Yuck, yuck, yuckity yuck! Poor chickens!Excuse me while I throw up!

French Fancy said...

I've not tried frogs legs or snails out here yet. I'm never going to have this sausage thing called andouillette - the taste of it (and the smell) is legendary amongst the expat community

StGeorgeOfEngland said...

I tend to try most things. Whilst on an army run survival course with scouts many years ago I ate squirrel and hedgehog, both quite tasty actually.
When drinking with some old Calverton pitmen in the 80's I was offeres what was said to be cheese placed upon a Ritz cracker, turned out to be a cube of pressed brawn. Not nice.
Tripe is beyond me just on looks. Hairy looking innards do not tempt me at all.
Kidney, liver, trotters, ox tail and cheek are all very tasty foods when cooked correctly but tongue will not pass my lips, apart from my own that is.

My sister once dated a trainee chef who brought home many delicacies, including frogs legs which were fiddly but good.

The extreme Asian diet has no appeal at all but I guess it stems from absolute poverty meaning you have no option but to adopt the 'if it moves, eat it' attitude. *has thoughts of Steve McQueen in Pappilon eating a bug*

I will try almost anything but please no garlic or you will see my stomach contents before you can say Frenchy Phil.
On that pleasant thought I will leave you.

StGeorgeOfEngland said...

Oh, I ate a horse steak in France on a family holiday when I was about 14. Don't remember it being unpleasant but Dad probably didn't tell us until we had eaten it. Hehe.

Gail's Man said...

I'll add black pudding, scorpion, all creepie crawlies, dog; the old joke about a dog not being just for Christmas, but for Boxing Day as well springs to mind. Strangely I'm not keen on eating raw apples, but love them in pies, and lets not forget sushi. Fish should be cooked and either in batter or parsley sauce!

Anonymous said...

As you know, there are lots of curious foods in France. I think I've tried most all of them. But I still can't get used to eating "les abbats". I do LOVE snails.

Athina said...

How about our famous 'balut'? It is duck's egg sat on by mother duck but not yet hatched meaning there's already a chick inside one peck short to hatching. The egg in that state is boiled and it becomes 'balut'. I can't eat it but they say it's very delicious and that I'm missing the best in life not trying the 'balut'. :)

Phil Lowe said...

Loving all your bon mots and its always interesting to read that what appeals to one person, has no appeal or even revolts others.

I have to say that the 'balut' sounds barbaric.Boiling a live chick in an egg. That is just cruel.

StGeorgeOfEngland said...


I saw on a tv programme a while ago in Asia where they take an egg in a similar state to balut but they keep it for 24 days then crack it open and eat it.

Bloody weirdo's. Just give me a steak and kidney pudding, mash and onion gravy.