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Saturday, 21 March 2009

McDonalds. Lovin' it or Shovin' it?

After seeing this amusing graffiti stencil on a wall in central Nottingham today I thought I would ask you all if you have had good, bad or indifferent service in McDonalds (assuming you like the place) or like the graffiti artist - you wouldn't be seen dead in there.

Personally I don't like the atmosphere or the food but I did go in to take the photos today and bought a cup of tea as an excuse to get the pictures for the blog. The young woman serving never cracked a smile once and called me 'babe'. Do I look like a babe? I think not.


StGeorgeOfEngland said...

No offence Phil but that's just extracting the urine.
I hate it when so called sales assistants get over-familiar with you.
I hate the usual response like "£3.22 mate". I once said;
" sorry do we know each other?", response;
"no mate".
"Then we cannot possibly be MATES can we?"
"Or is it that you would like to mate with me?"
"forget it and keep your bloody stuff"
*walks out in disgust*
I was having a bad day that day. Mr. P*ssedoff was visiting me.

I abhor McD's. My kids refer to it as McPukes or PukeDonalds.
I would rather eat my own feet than their processed garbage.
I guess you can see which side of the fence I fall on this one. Hehe.

Odd Mom Out said...

When I was in high school, a fellow classmate worked at a McDonald's and used to pee in the pickle vat. :-X So my vote is for Shovin' It!

feasting-on-pixels (terrie) said...

Cool post.
Hate, hate, hate McD's...
I have not been in McD's in years
and will never enter their doors again.

Although I have the very first McD's
and "Hamburger University" here a stone's throw from me, (in Oak Brook, IL) I hate this fast food giant with a passion.

My vote is for Shovin'it..........!

It is nearly Spring...go to local markets,buy veggies and cook something tasty and healthy.

(Well to me you are a babe...but then I
don't work at McD'

Phil Lowe said...

I think we can see where this might be going but the show isn't over 'until the fat lady eats the McBurger' as the saying goes. Keep 'em coming in folks.

Phil Lowe said...

Terrie, I could never in a million years imagine you eating in a McDonalds, never mind working there.

Marian Barker said...

I can't get the image of you and Cher doing a duet out of my head!

"Hey - I got you babe"

hectoria said...

I have been in McDs but proud to say that I have never had any of their stuff.