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Saturday, 7 March 2009

Spicy times at the Community cafe

My friend Paul suggested a while ago that we should try some Caribbean food at the cafe at the Queen's Walk Community Centre in an area known as the Meadows and last week I took him up on his offer and we popped along to Bev's Community Cafe and Takeaway. It wasn't that busy when we arrived and the food was great so I thought it would be beneficial to all to give this place a boost in custom with one of my blogs.

This nice lady above is Bev and she and her helpers/family cook up some terrific Caribbean fare. Paul and I went for the spicy mutton curry with rice and mixed veg. The meat was very tasty and tender and I admit to being surprised to finding mutton bones with the meat. Paul explained that is was often prepared like this in Caribbean culture.

Bev's brochure said that she can cater for weddings banquets, private home parties and can deliver business and lunch platters and there is a special A La Carte menu available. Their business number is 0115 9159253. Her daily menus vary and include hot and spicy chicken legs, Escovitch fish, mini fried dumplings, a variety of sandwiches, onion bhajis and samosas as well as salads. As well as food like the traditional jerk chicken she also caters for vegetarians with some great dishes including seasoned callaloo. The cafe is open from 10am to 4pm.

Being unfamiliar with Caribbean food I had a quick look on the Internet and came up with the following definition. I hope it is correct Bev.

Today, most Afro-Caribbean food (s) are composed mainly of yam, cassava, green banana or plantain, sweet potatoes, cocoyam, bread, coconut, lentil, rice, fish, meat, and a blend of British recipe.

From these ingredients come typical Caribbean dishes like Curry goat, patty and cocoa bread, pumpkin soup, corn porridge, callollo, from turnip or collard greens, Ackee, yam rissoles.


feasting-on-pixels (terrie) said...

This looks and sounds like a great place, Phil.
I love this kind of food, especially since that so much of it is gluten-free.
Welldone you...!

Phil Lowe said...

Yeah Terrie, it's only small but they seem to be passionate about their cooking and serve it with a sense of joy and that can't be so bad. I thought it was sweet that she didn't mind posing for a picture too even with her grown up children teasing her about it.