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Monday, 30 March 2009

Instantly likeable... mmdeli

From the moment I came into this bright blue, friendly deli at 610 Mansfield Road in Sherwood, Nottingham, I felt at home. I spoke to Janet the owner, who must have the most warm and welcoming smile in Nottingham, about my blog, and asked if I could take a few photos and then I ordered a coffee and sat and watched people going by in the pouring rain. I also amused myself with thoughts of the dog hairdressers across the road. Must get myself a poodle perm sometime.
Looking at their website at the main aim of the shop is to be constantly supplying exciting and quality products to our customers. Apart from that, they insist on providing quality, consistency and quantity in whatever shape or form, be it a sandwich, a cup of coffee, a caramel square or some nice juicy olives. They offer a friendly, efficient service to all customers - business, regulars & first time visitors. They also offer a catering service for businesses & random parties. Everything they stock is ethical and fairly traded.

I loved their clause that 'If a supermarket stocks it then we probably don’t.' and 'If you’re looking for something normal and predictable then you’re in the wrong place, sorry!In other words if it’s abnormal and unusual and weird then we make extra effort to stock it.'

They have an anniversary celebration coming up early April and if you are in the Nottingham area and on Facebook sign yourself up!


Anonymous said...

This one might be on my short list, it sounds wonderful!


Marian Barker said...

A "poodle perm" might be costly as they'd have to add a search fee!

Sorry - I couldn't resist that one.

Seriously - the blog is coming along great - your enjoyment shines through each piece.

Anonymous said...

Always worth a visit; you might also find them at some of the city's events - just look out for their trailer.

Phil Lowe said...

Thanks Pete, GG and Marian for your comments. Yeah definately worth a visit if you are in the area. Even if you're not its only ten minutes from the city centre on the bus - Mansfield bound routings.

Ricardo said...

Darn Pete I didn't know that one I will definitely visit it....I love deli's..having said that I'll give you one too in exchange is called Number 8 and is located in West Bridgeford, you park at the coop car park and walk towards Nero, but just keep going until you get to the roundabout cross to the other side keep walking pass pizza hut and there it is on your right hand side, they make the most beautiful sandwiches coffee and tea, and their deli WELL you must see it for your self. cheers my friend!! have fun.

Phil Lowe said...

Thanks for the tip Ricardo. Slightly ahead of you there. See prev post:


Ricardo said...

I know that Phil, left a comment on it saying just that, that you were ahead of me and had been there already hehe!!
Have any photos to restore or repair? is FREE for now.

Anonymous said...

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