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Thursday, 12 March 2009

To dunk or not to dunk? A soggy experience?

Do you like to dunk biscuits in your tea?

Is this just an English habit?

Does dunking work with herbal teas?

Can you really dunk in coffee?

Would you dunk bread or a pastry like the French?

Did you know that dunk comes from the German - tunken - to dip.

How many of you have lost a biscuit in the tea and then had to fish the soggy mess out?

Any other dunking stories?


Athina said...

We usually dunk pan de sal in coffee if the pan de sal has no filling. Coffe is brewed Arabica and Barako or instant Nescafe.

When it comes to biscuits it must be dipped quickly so as not to lose it.

We are a dunking, dipping nation.

Lane said...

I can only dunk in tea with milk. Not in coffee or herbal or Horlicks - just tea. And I'm afraid to say I also dunk Kit Kats. I know. I have no class:-)

Roger Green said...

Plain digestives or classic rich tea biscuits are the best.

Nick B. said...

Hob Nobs are my preferred dunkers.

Used to have a thing with rich tea fingers where if I lost one in the mug I'd check to see how much it had expanded when I'd drank all the tea. Following on from that I did a controlled experiment with one on a saucer to see what the expansion capacity was - those things can more than double their size. Amazing!

Marian Barker said...

It has to be ginger nuts! (Yes I'm still talking dunking!!!) *laughs*

Dedene said...

It's so very French to dunk one's croissant or pain au chocolat in one's café au lait in the morning.
Dunking in tea or herb tea doesn't do it for me.

To Marian Barker: I love ginger nuts dunked in coffee!

Phil Lowe said...

Some great comments there.

Marian you are so cheeky! lol

NickB. A contolled experiment with biscuits. I like that idea

Lane: I confess I have dunked kitkats too.

Dedene. I am a big francophile and know all about the pleasures you suggest. Yum

Roger. I'd forgotten all about rich tea biscuits.I must go out and stock up my larder with a packet.

Athina. Interesting as always to hear what happens in the Philippines

Banlon1964 said...

I prefer donuts in coffee, but is that an American thing ?

By the way, did you see this article ? (Complete with photo illustration of frigthening looking red-nails on biscuit).

Gail's Man said...

Like everyone else, I of course dunk. There is an optimum amount of time that a biscuit can be left in. Too little and the biscuit is still on the hard side, too long and it disintegrates, and you get a collection of wet crumbs in the bottom of your cup. Its about 2 seconds for HobNobs & 3 seconds for chocolate digestives.

Phil Lowe said...

Banlon1964 - loved the article. Parfait.

Gail's Man - if you ever fancy a career change you could go into the science of dunking and the biscuit manufacturers could print the amount of seconds it would be preferal to dunk their brand of biscuit for premium effect. lol

French Fancy said...

Oh I missed a dunking post - just as well really seeing as how I've taken the pledge

(the Belgian biscuit speculoos is fantastic dunked in tea or coffee - yearning memories for biscuits flooding back)

Ricardo said...

Why not have coffee with your biscuits, in a lovely Rich Tea Biscuit Cake and have another coffee with it. I feel it works really well.