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Monday, 23 March 2009

Le Bistrot Pierre in Derby

On a trip back to the city of my birth today I went with my old Derby friend Adam to Bistrot Pierre on Friar Gate Derby for a prix fixe lunch. Locally, Bistrot Pierre has branches in Derby, Leicester, Nottingham, Sheffield, Leamington Spa, and Stratford –upon Avon. Of course, I am more familiar with the Nottingham Branch (just refurbished) near to the Victoria Centre in Nottingham.

The Le Bistrot Pierre restaurants are informal, friendly and lively bistros serving provincial French cooking to a high standard, at outstanding value.

They try and source their products responsibly and buy the finest 21 day aged beef from Scottish pastures. Their chickens are free range and corn fed as are their eggs. Their milk comes from organic farms. All of their pork is RSPCA freedom food approved.

Today I went for the Fritôt Camembert as a starter and the Moules Frites as the main course. A bread basket was provided with French butter and I chose a red Merlot wine to accompany my food and to while away the lunch time over convivial chatter with Adam. The restaurant was pretty busy with Derby folk enjoying the Prix Fixe menus. From memory the main courses offered at least half a dozen options, equally so the starters. Adam ordered the Boeuf Bourguignon and seemed to enjoy its richness.

The company also offers a more interesting option to discover more about French cuisine on their periodic Soirées Gastronomiques. Again, they are often great value at £19.90 for a six course set dinner and a good chance to experience something more of French Cuisine. To quote their menu: ‘Our Soirée Gastronomique menus – we hope, to embrace all that is great about dining in France – outstanding value, hearty and robust provincial cooking along with balance and variety.’

The male staff I saw today in the Derby branch all wore tee shirts proclaiming a passion for French cooking. From the service we received I would say that they all genuinely have that passion, work hard and even suffered my attempts to speak French in ordering and Adam’s paying for the meal. Merci Adam.

Just had a look through the 7te Avril options and found Le sticky Anglais – a sticky toffee pudding with vanilla ice cream. I don’t know – Le Weekend, Le Parking, Le Camping and now Le Sticky Anglais! What would the Academie Française have to say about that? Lol. Beaucoup de rire.

Overall, a pleasant lunch in warm and convivial atmosphere. All the staff, male, female and kitchen and management were all excellent. Recommended.


French Fancy said...

Your lunch sounds lovely - I've never eaten a bowl of moules because I once worked with someone who had to be hospitalised after a bad one. However, Dumdad's recent recipe has made me vow to buy some this weekend and try it out.

I think 'le crumble' has become quite a big thing in our area - I've seen it on two different menus lately.

Bonne dégustation

StGeorgeOfEngland said...

Sounds quite delicious. Unfortunately, having an allergy to garlic, I rarely attempt French food. I know it's not ALL garlic enriched but just the strong smell of the stuff brings waves of nausea.
Must have a bit of vampire in me somewhere.
I like that the staff appeared passionate about their place of employment and all that goes with it. Makes all the difference.

Incidentally, as I type this it is strong sunshine outside and I have my curtains closed. *suddenly has a passion to visit Transylvania*

Cheryl said...

Definitely sounds and looks more appetizing than anything on a McDonald's menu ;-)