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Saturday, 12 September 2009

I like my toast done on one side (Englishman in New York) Sting

I was in a cheap and cheerful branch of one the pubs owned by Weatherspoons the other day and spied a plate on a table with some very burnt toast left on it. My friend Stephen and I both agreed that it is terrible service to allow even an English fry up type breakfast to leave the kitchens and be served to a customer with such obviously burnt offerings. If either me or my mate had been offered such fare we would have asked them to take it back and bring a whole new breakfast up. Any comments on this? Have you ever had a poor meal and complained? Answers on a stained napkin please.


French Fancy said...

I've sometimes sent food back because it wasn't hot enough but burnt toast is in a different league. I'm not much of a brekkie eater though and can count the times I've had a 'Full English' on one hand.

How are the lines-learning going? Good luck with that.

Phil Lowe said...

No 'full English' FF? Gosh. I must admit I rarely have one either. They seem to be resigned to what you'd have on a weekend away at a BB or hotel. Then I don't have those experiences either presently. lol

The lines are going in now so much so that if I don't look at the script for a few days I'm not panicing. I've been rehearsing on my own, going to regular rehearsals and my good mate Stephen has been helping me lots as well. Going to be a really enjoyable experience. Thanks for asking. :0)

Dean said...

I would rather someone came back to me and tell me if something is wrong or not to their satisfaction then i at least have a chance of remedying it changing it or making it good.
If you sit there and say nothing it does me or you (the customer) any good.

Dean said...

Oh and i have complained when in a little Chef restaurant the salad was trying to get off the plate with all the greenfly on it, Seems the lettuce didn't get washed before use.

Phil Lowe said...

Ugh, I would imagine that I would have to work in a lot kitchens for me to understand the mindset of those that would allow terrible dishes to be sent out.Even then I would be shocked at anything that reached the table that wasn't edible or fit for eating.

Gail's Man said...

Whetherspoons is good for curry night on Thursday's. Gail's disappointed that they've stopped doing minted lamb burgers, as she liked them a lot.