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Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Welcome to my kitchen

It is interesting the way that this blog has evolved since its implementation in January this year when the concentration was on local cafes and teashops here in the fine city of Nottingham. Thanks to all you lovely readers worldwide and your great support throughout my blogging, I now seem to be concentrating on food in my home and I wanted to invite you all into my kitchen. It may get crowded! lol

On the days that I feel like cooking up a dish that will last for three or four days or freeze well if I bulk cook I am the most happy - nothing to do with the amount of beer or wine I consume during the cooking process I assure you! hic! Also if I am in the mood to make bread or do the mixing and blending that is required for making buttery French Madelienne cakes which fill my small kitchen with a rich lemony almond scent I feel that I am in heaven. I swear that if I am quick I can catch my neighbours sniffing at my letter box in desperation to somehow devour my delicious cakes as they  barely leave the oven!

Regretably, I don't have a huge amount of guests around to sample my food as I am pretty skint and presently out of work but, when I can, I will enjoy treating a friend or neighbours to a meal or culinary treat. Their enjoyment and friendship are the most important ingredients and I do my utmost to make sure that their visits are a relaxed and enjoyable affair. My immediate neighbour Joanne is a great one for sharing food and I thoroughly enjoy the possiblities for reciprication with her. It makes the world a warmer and friendlier place to live in.

So on that note, I welcome you all to my kitchen and cosy home and please help yourself to any food and drink available. In a fun way I would love to hear what you enjoyed the most from my imaginary table on your visit. WELCOME! DRINK?

PS: If you want to genuinely add to your comments to this blog post please do, but not on the back of self promotion as appears to be the case on the first post today. Ta. xxx


Wagner Augusto said...

your blog is very good, it informs and is pretty straightforward, all the arts just contributes to the evolution of man.
I deeply good, fine cuisine
I'm from Brazil and I have a blog, go there and ta me a hint, I am novice in this matter!


even more!

Phil Lowe said...

Thanks Wagner, as I am British I am inclined to present things from a personal and UK biased viewpoint. Similarly, I am very interested in the French way of food culture so that feeds into my style too. I will check out your blog.

feasting-on-pixels (terrie) said...

Une cuisine très jolie…!
I love the gentle blues in the decor, like cool water...bisous...

Phil Lowe said...

Merci TM xxx bisous!

Marian Barker said...

*sniffs around letterbox*

*knocks on door*

What's for supper???


Janette Jones said...

I think your kitchen is missing some good vegetarian food - will have to come and cook for you soon!

Phil Lowe said...

sounds a good proposition Janette. You can teach me some veggy recipes. Cool!