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Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Edin's Cafe: Nottingham

Last Sunday a group of us went for a few drinks and some food at Edin’s Café (15 Broad Street, Nottingham. NG1 3AJ) after a Sunday afternoon rehearsal of our forthcoming production of Mike Leigh’s Abigail’s Party. The rehearsals have been great fun from the start and we open at The Lace Market Theatre on Monday 5th October and after another successful rehearsal yesterday evening we are almost ‘there’.

Edin’s is a small continental style café with three rooms to dine in. Our group of seven were ushered in the back room and we got some drinks ordered whilst we looked through the paper menu. It included:

Slow cooked ham hock and leek risotto with parmesan and olive oil.

Roast rack of pork with thyme mash.

My spicy meatballs with tomato and chilli gnocchi.

Smoked salmon and lemon in a cream sauce with penne pasta.

Mushroom omelette with salad.

Cajun spiced chicken breast with sauté new potatoes

There was also a blackboard with the day’s specials on and selection of home-made cakes and tapas, freshly made baguettes and wines and food to take away. On that particular day they offered a leek and potato soup with pain rustique which appealed to two of our group.

I went for the meatballs which were indeed ‘spicy’ and they were lovely and peppery but nearly sent me into a coughing fit! Thank goodness for the glass of Stella to wash down the pepper! I had never eaten the dumpling-like gnocchi before and they too appealed to my taste buds. Everyone in our group seemed to enjoy the food and the red wine proved popular with those that were drinking it. The service from the two young women serving was excellent and the atmosphere was very relaxed.

The talk around our table was mostly lively and happy chat about the progress of the play and food and Alison and I (Ali is playing Beverly) went into raptures about the balsamic vinegar – Aceto Balsamio di Modena – in a bottle on the table. We also agreed the Pork in Puy lentils on the daily board sounded good.

I went back yesterday to take the accompanying pictures and make some foodie notes.

Highly recommended and they do a lunchtime offer too for around £5 for two courses. These change daily and can be seen written on the window.


Dean said...

Sounds like a place i have to visit when im next in town as the food sounds great, Glad the rehearsals are going well.

French Fancy said...

I wouldn't have been able to decide between the risotto and the meatballs - I love them both.

Good luck with the opening.

Ken Devine said...

Well,what's better than a recommendation for food and leisure. Thanks, I might take you up on both, although you'd have to be better than 'almost there'(only kidding).

I like your blog.

Phil Lowe said...

thanks all. yep rehearsals are going well. three more to go and we will have our opening night next Monday!

I had the same dilema French Fancy.

Thanks very much Ken. Welcome to my blog.

Phil Lowe said...

PS: I didn't mention prices for the food. All the mains were under £8.

Gail's Man said...

Must give it a bash one lunchtime, with the gang from work. Hopefully the service is quite brisk, as we don't like to have more than an hour or so.

Marian Barker said...

That looks and sounds like a great eatery - I must try it one day.

I'll be thinking of you next week ... enjoy x

Sagittarius. said...

first of all, u blog is great! congrats! I just arrived here and it was nice discovered both: u blog and edin's cafe. I went there and it's amazing! u can watch a nice movie at broadway - in front of edin's - and then, enjoy this really nice place!