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Thursday, 17 September 2009

Lambs liver stew with butter beans

Another bulk meal made from lambs liver, chopped tomatoes, butter beans, onions, coriander,new potatoes and carrots. So easy to make.

OK. Really easy to do: buy chopped tomatoes and butter beans, both canned, and make them the cheapest the local store will sell. Buy new potatoes, onions and carrots fresh. Coriander dried or fresh (preferably fresh). Cooking oil can be sunflower oil or olive oil.

Pre- prepare the carrots - yep, peel and chop, wash spuds and put on to cook through by boiling.
Liver should be washed and then tickled with plain flour and sieved to remove excess. Cook in preferred oil. Bung in chopped onions towards end of cooking.

Open three tins of tomatoes and tip into large cooking pot or casserole. Open one tin of butter beans and wash under cold water. Drain and add to tomatoes. Add chopped coriander and seasoning of a couple of shakes of black pepper. Open a cold beer. Drink and relish.
When potatoes and carrots are cooked through, drain and add to stew.

Scootle (not a culinary term but it means move about) liver around in frying pan to make sure doesn't stick. When cooked through, remove from heat and drain off excess cooking fat. Add to stew. Stir and warm through on oven top for ten minutes. Serve and enjoy.


French Fancy said...

I've not had liver for years - and I've not missed it one bit!

feasting-on-pixels (terrie) said...

Miam...liver is one of my fave offals...
I have been experiementing with foie de veau alot lately.
This liver prep looks interesting...but I would make a few small

Marian Barker said...

No liver for me thanks - tickled or otherwise!!!


Karen said...

Apart from the liver (my idea of food hell, along with all offal), it looks delicious. You certainly cook lovely food.

Anonymous said...

Dear Phil!
Thank you so much for changing your comment box!
I'm sure you will get more comments!
Lamb's liver! Practically impossible to get here in Japan, although lamb is readily available!
The Missus not liking liver, little chance for me to eat it! Tears, tears,....
Thanks for sharing!

Vera said...

We have some home grown lamb's liver in the freezer, which I have 'forgotten' frequently to use. It is now almost glued with ice to the bottom of the freezer, so methinks that it should be used, this thinking having been inspired by your recipe. Vera.