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Tuesday, 22 September 2009

A sort of review of Julie & Julia (le film)

As a sort of treat, I ventured into my local flea pit cinema (the Cornerhouse) in Nottingham City centre yesterday morning and spent a couple of hours enjoying the delights of the recently UK released film 'Julie & Julia'. I have to confess (as a UK resident)  a complete ignorance of the US icon, Julia Child, and the eventual massive influence she had on American cuisine through the hard-won publication of her book 'Mastering the Art of French Cookery'. The film also parralled the equally real-life efforts of Julie Powell's quest to work her way through J. Child's opus in just 365 days alongside working full-time and documenting her culinary effforts through an online blog. Blogging in 2002? Will such things ever catch on? I doubt it. lol.

I really enjoyed the film, even down to the romanticised visions of an idealisied 1950s Paris and Parisian shop interiors! Not that I'm complaining! I love this romantic imagery! Dear dear Meryl was pitch perfect as the flamboyant Ms Child and Amy Adams was not to overloaded with sugar as Julie Powell. I did come out of the cinema wanting to cook something but, on investigation of the Marks & Spencers food counter, I found the organic chicken on offer rather too high priced at £13.85!!!! Now where is that live lobster???


Gail's Man said...

I've seen the adverts for this, but it doesn't really appeal. Something about Meryl's voice in this puts me off.

Phil Lowe said...

Her depiction of Ms Child's character is spot on if a little eccentric to UK ears. Think of Fanny Craddock transported to to the USA circa 1960s.

French Fancy said...

You're not alone, Phil, in never having heard of Julia Childs. I would like to see the film though - I have deep deep love and admiration for La Streep.

Remember Fanny? I used to find her quite alarming when I was young.

Two reasons for me to feel homesick from your post - being able to go to a cinema and not see something dubbed into French and M&S food counters. You'll miss them both as and when you decamp to France - you think you won't but you will (although, depending on the size of the town you move to, there might be some VO films on offer)

feasting-on-pixels (terrie) said...

Salut cher Phil,
I am glad that you went to see this movie. I hops that you enjoyed the portions of Julia Child's life in Paris.

I am not sure that our Julia Child translates internationally very well. It is hard to imbue our long-standing and abiding love of her to the rest of the world that has not had the oppotunity to experience her charm.

Moreover, to your commenter, Meryl's voice portrayed Julia's voice quite well. For those of us that know Julia, it was so close it was scary.

You would have to have know our Julia and known her place in the US food culture.
She was very tall, 6 feet plus (not sure how that translate there), very eccentric, one of a kind, outspoken, yet very, very kind and larger than life.
Everyone that has ever met her, (me included) adored her, as she made you feel special in her presence.

I am sure many countries have their foodie icon persons that they love very much, but I can say with certainty no one will ever match our Julia Child.(no "s").

I don’t know if this movie proves that…but it does prove that she was indeed one of a kind in all the culinary world.

For me, she made my foray into the food world much less difficult and made hard things very simple to master.
And for this I thank her.

Cynthia said...

Hi Phil, you're a delight! I hope you don't find the live lobster! Poor little claw babies. I love the Paris section too...who cares if it was softened up a bit-memory does that anyway. I felt Julie's influence as a child but wasn't really a fan. I read her memoir (co written by her nephew) and became a fan. I'm not a meat it's just her quirky way that appeals to me. I'm compelled by people who strive for self-expression within their creative works. Thanks for the visit to Oasis Writing Link (OWL) blog. I hope you visit again.

Gail's Man, have you listened to Julia Child's actual voice? It is quirky!!! Like a wild animal that gets slighly out of control...she has to force it back into the normal human range...I can hear her calling after it...come back! Come back!! :-)