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Friday, 13 March 2009

French cafe in Sherwood

I called in at the Le Mistral branch in out-of-town Sherwood today (approx ten minutes by bus from Nottingham) and revisited this time for just for a coffee and a sit down after a busy morning.
It was about lunch time and I was taunted by the smell of food that I had last time I visited. That was in June 2008 when I discovered this faux French haven. A friend had recommended it and back then I enjoyed a rare sirloin steak (from locally reared Derbyshire herds), with mixed leaf & parmesan salad, garlic mushrooms & frites. A large glass of red merlot went down well too and set me up for the afternoon.

This time I enjoyed a pleasant coffee and the illusion I was in France. The place was pretty busy and there was a definate hint of garlic in the air. An attractive wild haired brunette was sitting in the corner with her head in a book. This was the sort of place where one could fall in love with a stranger and pretend one was in Paris.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

One of those nice places to sit and relax with a coffee and a newspaper. I think they also have a free wi-fi connection.