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Monday, 30 March 2009

Screaming Carrot bakery

On my mission to find interesting food related places in Nottingham and the East Midlands I set out one day last week to the Forest Fields and Sherwood areas of Nottingham to find two or three Veggie/Vegan places I had been recommended to discover. This was in my efforts to be as diverse and helpful as possible in these foodie blog postings.

I walked up Mansfield Road from the city centre and down past the big graveyard cutting across the playing fields towards Gregory Boulevard and as I started up the incline of Foxhall Road the grey clouds above started to threaten rain. My first port of call was The Screaming Carrot bakery on Foxhall Road and I was welcomed by Andrew Mills, one of the owners. The shop smelt lovely and I was tempted by one of their pasties which I enjoyed eating later in the day.

As I stood and chatted with him about my blog and food interests three separate customers arrived and the heavens opened outside. Although we had a short chat I didn’t have a chance to get much information from this friendly man but their great website is a mine of information. Do check it out.

So, to paraphrase their excellent website:

‘The Screaming Carrot is a vegan bakery specialising in egg-free, dairy-free, vegetarian fresh-baked goods that are hand-made by their small Screaming Carrot team. Their aim is to provide tasty, ethical foods at fair prices.

They make and sell vegan pasties, pies and cakes from their bakery in the Forest Fields area of Nottingham. They also sell vegetarian groceries and act as a pick-up point for a local organic seasonal vegetable box scheme.

Screaming Carrot baked goods are suitable for:
vegetarians and vegans;
those with dairy and egg allergies/intolerances;
followers of religious diets that restrict animal products.

They carefully source their ingredients to ensure they do not contain animal by-products. Ingredients are also GMO-free. Their kitchen is completely vegan and is wholly meat, dairy and egg-free, so there is no risk of contamination by utensils and cooking pots.

Many wholefood shops and caf├ęs in Nottingham and the surrounding areas also sell cakes and pies purchased wholesale from their bakery and they welcome enquiries from caterers and other trade purchasers.’

Apparently, one of their best sellers is the tasty carrot cake. I’ll have to try that next time I am in the area.

Leaving Andrew to his business I walked in the slight rain to Sherwood (about half an hour walk) where I found my second venue and coffee stop at mm…deli.

This lovely deli will be covered in the next posting.


feasting-on-pixels (terrie) said...

This place looks really cool...
unfortunately I couldn't eat any of these delights.
Well, unless they do gluten-free baking in a dedicated kitchen. Sigh, I am so missing my baguettes...

I love the colorful images of their facade gafitti and their web graphics.
Great post,cher

kate said...

it's a great place. what other 'corner shop' sells tahini!

Phil Lowe said...

Merci Terrie. It is a cool place.

Kate: If you are a customer there do let them know I have put the post up and pass the link on to any of your friends who are likely to go there too.Phil