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Tuesday, 28 December 2010

a small act of kindness

I was on the way home from work last night and arrived in Nottingham city centre about 6.45pm. I had a bit of time to kill before my bus connection at 7.30pm and the remainder of my journey to my warm and comfortable home and food and drink. As I walked down one of the side streets on the way to the busy Market Square I saw a guy in his thirties laying on cardboard on the street. It was a very cold night and my legs were cold enough just walking through town. I couldn't imagine what a life would be like living on the streets especially in this extremely cold weather. I continued on my way...

The look on the fella's face as I handed him a cup of hot coffee and a cookie from a local cafe a few minutes later was very rewarding. As I wished him well I realised how lucky I am to be in work and have the security of a roof over my head.

image from the internet.

PS: It was shocking enough to witness this homeless man but even more shocking was the fact that several people were queuing at the cash machine a yard away from the supine man and I got the impression he was almost invisible to them.


Janette said...

Unfortunately not all the people on the streets are genuine so when there is someone that is homeless some people may not believe it is the case but bless you for being the good Samaritan and thinking of others.

Tim said...

That's a nice thing for you to do.

I think it's important that we do help people who are homeless, especially in these cold nights but I can understand why people choose not to give money to them.

PSFT said...

. . . it's amazing how many of us see only what we want to see & so typical of you Phil my friend for being the generous spirit as ever. I'm sure your small gift was very gratefully received.

French Fancy... said...

You did a good thing there. When I worked in London for many a year there was a lovely guy who used to kip down in our doorway and whoever arrived at the office first used to make him some tea and toast. He was well spoken and polite and it was such a shame he had ended up with nothing.

I have great sympathy for all homeless people.

Anonymous said...

That was a wonderful thing to do especially at Christmas. Most people here don't give to individuals, but rather particpate or give to associations who help the street folk. I guess people are too suspicious.
Bonne Année!

Anonymous said...

That was such a wonderful gesture which I am sure was grately appreciated.

Like Janette says some people arent as genuine as they seem which is why I try not to give money but offer hot food and drinks instead. Well done.

Happy New Year hope you had a fab xmas xx

Peter said...

Well done Phil. I work with homeless people and they are often ignored.

Where's the picture of your Christmas dinner Phil?!

Ken Devine said...

Well done for making a difference Phil.