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Thursday, 16 December 2010

something a bit different

Lately, and whilst I have been off for two days with my poorly heel I have been expanding my cooking with some simple dishes. Both of them took only fifteen minutes to prepare and cook.

  • Vietnamese river cobbler fish with a  tangy lime and coriander sauce (one of the Schwartz range) with new season new potatoes and sugarsnap peas.

  • Spicy pork and chilli sausages (from the Co-op) and mashed potatoes made from sweet potatoes (a first for me) with a drizzle of hand made quince sauce by my friend Lisa. This was a previous Christmas present and I just added it to finish off the jar.


Ken Devine said...

Hi Phil
I'm getting a liking for nice sauces. I can't tell by looking if it really is a nice sauce, but it sounds it. The first dish appeals to me. You are inspiring me to make an effort.

Tim said...

A friend of mine recommended Vietnamese river cobbler fish. Can you buy it in major supermarkets? I've never tried it before but the dish sounds lovely!

Phil Lowe said...

Ken. The sauce was very nice and Schwartz do others to compliment various types of fish too.

Tim: I can only really let you know that Tesco do the Vietnamese rivwer cobbler if the store is big enough to offer fresh fish.

Gailsman said...

It's lucky that you don't cook with your feet, otherwise you'd be starving at the moment!