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Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Ouch that hurt. I mean really hurt.

He took me into his private room and asked me to take my left shoe and sock off. Then he smiled and explained exactly what he was going do to me – step by step. I got all hot and sweaty. I had never done this kind of thing before. Then I had to stand up, bend over his table with one knee on the table, my bare foot facing toward him. He chuckled in a sado- avuncular sort of way.

“This may hurt – a lot.” He said. He started to massage my heel. What had I let myself into? An Asian uncle foot fetishist? “Just a small prick,” he warned, and then the deeply throbbing pain started. He stayed there behind me for three or four minutes comforting me in my discomfort. I was advised to stand still and it wouldn’t last long. This was my first time and hopefully my last. A short, eye watering time later he pulled it out and asked me to get dressed. He said that he’d done this many times before and promised to call me next week.

“Thank you doctor,” said I. He seemed to like that.

I was expecting another painful needle injection but he said he had done them both – the local anaesthetic and the steroid injection in my heel to help the discomfort I have put up with ~ in varying degrees ~ with plantar fasciitis for months.

Hang on. What did you think I was talking about?

I’m not needle phobic but it blummin’ well hurt and hopefully I won’t have to go back ever again. As I type the local anaesthetic hasn’t worn off. Gee, am I looking forward to that. Time to cook something nice whilst I can still stand. Have a good day.

comfort food, roast pork and spuds


Dom at Belleau Kitchen said...

cheeky!... but I like it!

Phil Lowe said...

ha! can't say that I liked it but glad that I amused Dom.

Karen said...

Lol - the delivery, not the condition. Steroid jabs hurt like crazy. I had one in my eye a few years ago, & it was not nice. I cried, & made a Big Fuss. So you have my sympathy. On the plus side, they usually work fairly well to clear up inflammation.

Your dinner looks so tasty....wish you lived closer then I could have shared it with you!

Take care.

Phil Lowe said...

you would be welcome round anytime Karen. Re the jab. Yes it really was painful and this morning I was still hobbling round like I had broken my foot. I couldn't even put my heel on the floor it was so bad. Took some painkillers and after an hour I was walking reasonably ok. The doc did warn that it may take several days to clear up. Took today off and back to work tomorrow afternoon.

khushi said...

This was amusing to read. I thought initially it would be acupuncture...hope you don't have to go back for more.

Phil Lowe said...

Oh khushi, if only it was acupuncture. feels a bit better today and certainly I echo your hope that I don't have to go back for more.