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Saturday, 25 December 2010

Merry Fishmas

smoked salmon with lemon
It was a bit of a last minute decision but I decided to have a fishy Christmas this year. Smoked salmon with lemon and a dusting of ground pepper for breakfast (and two boiled eggs) and a salmon en croute for Christmas lunch with roast potatoes cooked in goose fat accompanied with mashed carrots and potatoes with garden peas and a chiffonard of fresh basil. Just kinda made it up as I went along. Somewhere along the way two bottles of French red wine have been imbibed and I watched Rick Stein's Cornish Christmas on bbc iplayer as I cooked. This afternoon I watched Patrick Stewart as Scrooge in a channel four film of A Christmas Carol and then went for a doze before catching up with the Christmas edition of Doctor Who tonight. A cool Yule so far. The cats from next door have been in and out for treats and Christmas cuddles.

My Christmas dinner 

Cosy Christmas


Gailsman said...

You do love your food Phil, and fish is certainly different from the usual turkey. Gail & I watched doctor Who. Another great episode, full of joy and sadness in equal measure.

Phil Lowe said...

Gailsman: certainly do love me nosh and the salmon encroute was delish. Yep Dr Who was a good un this Christmas.

Janette said...

Ah Merry Christmas to you and your fishy dish! Half watched Dr Who whilst I was getting our buffet tea sorted and didn't think it was that good :o( Had a rather fab Any Pond doll for Christmas though!

Phil Lowe said...

Happy Christmas to you too Janette. The Amy Pond doll sounds fun. Do they do them lifesize?

Athina said...

Hi Phil, you don't show your new blog posts on facebook anymore and I thought you weren't blogging lately.

Belated Meri Krismas anyway and I love the fish dishes you had for Christmas.