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Thursday, 29 December 2011

Spicy duck soup with rice.

Sometimes it good to make something that you've never made before and today was one of those times. I've been off work today as I have been feeling rough (weak and wobbly from coughing my lungs up all night  -ie no sleep at all - and practically voiceless today as well as feeling exhausted). Blech!

on way to shops to get fresh veg
I've been in bed most of the day but tonight I decided to make something mega healthy from bits and pieces I had around the house and a quick dash in the rain to the greengrocers across the road. So, the remains of the duck I had for tea last night plus garlic, ginger,black pepper, hot chilli peppers and thyme plus mushrooms, arborio risotto rice, red wine and chicken stock all got made into a health giving soup helped down with some homemade bread from next door. Next door also passed over a Christmas card from Dagan, Sun and family in Montserrat featuring a cat that looked just like the back of my fave cat (also from Montserrat) the handsome Mr Harris. Mr Harris has been round himself for a cuddle and fuss. Feline better already. :0)

healthy stuff from the greengrocer

arborio risotto rice cooking

finished duck soup

hmmmmm! yummy!

christmas card from Montserrat


Gailsman said...

Duck soup. Isn't that a Marx Brothers film?

That looks a very nice Christmas card. I wish Marmalade and Oscar would sit together like that. But things are improving slowly. They don't grumble as much at each other as they used to.

Karen said...

That soup looks so good. I love making things from leftovers - we had soup made from turkey remains tonight, made just the way my Mum taught me over 45 years ago.Hope you are feeling better soon.....being a bit of a hermit, I don't often get bugs, so there are advantages to being a Solitary Soul at times.