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Monday, 23 April 2012

Making do with foodstuffs in the cupboard and freezer

Clearing out the cupboards and freezer

A few weeks ago I decided that I would make some kind of effort to start eating things from the store cupboard and freezer (both tiny) to stop myself buying even more food. Can’t say that it worked 100% but I did get quite inventive with using up the bits and pieces in both storage spaces. And it was satisfying to think that I wasn't just going out buying more food that I didn't really need.

One of the things I made was a Chinese style stew with chopped up pork meat from some previous frozen pork ribs and a pork hock. Lots of spices were added like star anise and a generous amount of fresh shredded ginger. The house smelled great for days afterwards and the food was very tasty. I added fresh chunks of pineapple and mange tout.

I also cleared out the flour in my cupboard and made some Madeleine cakes and recently used up the remainder of a cooked chicken by adding some saag and korma curry sauces and spare mushrooms and freezing them for future meals.

Somewhere in the back of the freezer I discovered an old pork chop and utilised that in a nice healthy dinner the other night. Cooked it in butter and black pepper and added some slices of apple at the end of the cooking. Twas yummy.

Last night I had one of the curries I mentioned with rice and used up some bits of mango chutney and lime pickle that had been sitting in the fridge for ages. It's actually quite satisfying getting rid of old food and saving some dosh too.

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