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Thursday, 11 October 2012

Wot no mince? But I've come all this way!

Things can go terribly wrong if the expectation of fresh mince and sea bass are denied one. I arrived at my work place - on my day off  - of all things- to discover that there is no mince on offer and no sea bass. Out of stock! What is a boy to do?

So, with my collection of cheap canned goodies I head out to the High Street of  Beeston Town whereupon I come across rabbit - in the shop of Messrs George Hogg the Butchers Est. Hogg - what more perfect name for a butcher except for Hackett and Slashett the Master Butchers. The name Hogg has grace and dignity which Bull might not.

Anyroadup, I purchased a young rabbit carcass with the intention of creating something akin to Rick Stein's French Odyssey creation of Rabbit and Prunes. Alas and alack I do not have access to Agen prunes but I did gather together rabbit, prunes, celery, carrots, streaky bacon and shallots and put together this rustic dish of rabbit pieces and veg with red wine.
Veg was prepared and the rabbit seasons and a bouquet garni put together for the pot.
The meat was browned and the shallots, mushrooms and streaky bacon cooked through on the stove.
Finally all the ingredients were added to the stock pot and allowed to simmer for and hour with new potatoes added. The original recipe called for polenta but I felt like calling my own tune with this one.
As you can see (above) the meal turned out delicious and whilst in the creative mood I turned my attention to other things photographically around the house including new cushions and a jar of clothes pegs.



Christopher Frost said...

Yes, Hoggs is Beeston's best butcher, as Hallam's is beeston's best fishmonger and greengrocer.

Cushions look nice. Not sure about the jar of clothes pegs. A little surreal, even for you Phil

Karen said...

There's posh - clothes pegs in a glass jar!

I hope you enjoyed the rabbit, & will cook it again. We're having the same thing tomorrow, using a rabbit I bought last year & discovered lurking at the back of the freezer, suffering a bit from freezer burn, but hopefully it will taste ok. I don't use Agen prunes (too expensive) just normal dried ones, or failing that dried apricots, which are a bit sweeter, but don't make such a rich sauce. I get my rabbit from a local farm shop,as I've never seen them in a supermarket (why not? they are cheap & nutritous).

NickL said...

Looks great. Have you tried Ramond Blanc's bunny with mustard receipe? Its v good....!!!