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Thursday, 15 November 2012

For those who have missed my cookery.

As I sip my glass of red wine tonight I'm thinking back over the last few weeks and the terrible head cold I've endured along with regular nose bleeds. I continued to go into work as I don't get paid when I am ill by my employer and on Saturday afternoon I finally went home early with blessings from my team leader and manager for my valiant work ethics. I slept for six hours solid Saturday afternoon and coupled with a visit to the doctor earlier in the week have started on the road to recovery. My step mum had also been admitted to the Derby City Hospital on the 20th of October for an unexpected emergency operation where he had a third of her intestine removed. She too is now on the road to recovery, Thank God! At 82 this is  major event for her and she could have died.

Thankfully, on personal note, the nosebleeds have stopped and the long periods of rest this week, so far, have done me good and I am feeling a bit more normal. I realise in this blog that I have drifted away from my cooking theme and want to show you some of the meals I have had, somewhat documented, through pictures.

My old Toshiba laptop finally gave up the ghost and I was forced to buy a new laptop so that I could continue my creative writing and the photography so dear to me. I am now using a Packard Bell with the all new Windows 8. I am working around (step by step) the fact that my old Office Suite won't work anymore and I had to download a new version of Norton. That's just the start. At least I can now write my blogposts and edit photos through Picasa.

Anyway, here are some pictures of recent meals: enjoy. I've also made a Chinese chicken soup chocker with garlic and ginger (to help my health get better) and a big tureen full of lamb tagine. I didn't manage to document these though.

Roast leg of lamb with rosemary and garlic
Roast duck legs in orange and ginger
Salmon in a dill sauce with haricot vert and new potatoes
Steamed sea bass in ginger


free plums from my friend Rebecca


Stuffed chicken breast, red cabbage, carrots and salad


Roast beef with pepper and cheese.



Christopher Frost said...

10 days with no blogging, but plenty of cooking I see. They all look delicious, but there's some I don't think I would eat because of the ingredients.

Glad you decided to try out Picasa. Its a good little programme, and free too!

Personally I wouldn't have bothered with Norton, as it can cause more trouble than its worth. And it's a ****** to remove. I would have gone for AVG and AdAware. both good at stopping the bogeyman, and both gratis.

Happy cooking and computing

Karen said...

I hope you continue to feel better - & the same for your step-Mum. It must have been a horrible experience for someone of her age to go through an invasive operation .

Karen said...

Woops - I pressed the wrong button before I'd finished writing. Ok - it's good to see all your delicious food. I've often thought of photographing our meals, but I'm usually so hungry I start eating before I can pick up my camera.
They all look very tasty. Like Christopher, I use AVG, & am very pleased with it & best of all it's free.

janice said...

Yummy looking food. Glad you are on the road to recovery. Don't understand why you don't get sick pay - you do work for a major supermarket chain don't you?