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Monday, 23 December 2013

The Sunday before Christmas meat and fish trading 2013.

I have been working a few late shifts recently to help with the pre-Christmas sales of meat and fish and to help wrap a huge amount of cheese for the Tesco Beeston deli. Mainly I have been on the meat and fish counters selling 21 day aged and 28 day aged beef rib roasting joints amongst other things and on the fish counter I've helping prepare all the fast selling whole salmons and salmon sides. Yesterday (Sunday 22nd December) the fish counter had in some mirror carp. We don't normally stock these but they sold well at £8 per kilo. My friend Paul did a fantastic job of creating beautiful display with his stock of fish and shellfish.


The yellowy looking fish (above) is the mirror carp. Personally I was concentrating on making an attractive display on the meat counter and promoting our offers throughout the Sunday trading period. I was surprised that it wasn't that busy - only a bit busier than a normal Sunday. Then Christmas Day this year is on a Wednesday and so in reality when customers like to buy fresh it is more likely that the main trade is going to be today and tomorrow. And guess who has a day off today? Me!!! I was asked earlier today if I could go in and help as they are very busy with a member of staff going off sick as well. Unfortunately I couldn't help out as I have had a few pre- Christmas sherries to go with my home made mince pies. Otherwise I would have happily gone in and helped out. Working under any influence of alcohol is a offence under supermarket laws so potentially I could get the sack. Not worth it.

Although I had to jiggle my display around during the day here are some images of my meat counter display earlier on during the Sunday.

We have no leg of pork or sausage and bacon offers on so I didn't bother to photograph that side of my cabinet. The racks of lamb went well at half price and we had a few customers buying substantial pieces of 28 day aged Carvery  beef rib joints. I plan to have a rack of lamb for my Christmas dinner. Less than an hour cooking time, delicious and accompanied by a selection of quality vegetables it will be perfect for me on my own at Christmas.

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