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Monday, 31 March 2014

Fantastic evening with Johnny Pusztai and his master butchers at JTBeedham now on video.

A short while ago I wrote a blogpost about myself and a very enjoyable gathering of other foodies/meat lovers at Johnny Pusztai's shop JT Beedham's on Mansfield Road, Sherwood near Nottingham.

Here is a flavour of the evening as filmed by the BBC. What really comes across is Johnny's passion and the passion of his staff at the shop to provide the very best in honest meat products and keep those dedicated customers coming back for more and more and both the providers and the customers appreciating the dedication and fine artistry that goes into all they do. As one of the participants in the video says "All of the staff have the highest respect for the customer and a full knowledge of what they are selling."

I went to this after a day's work and having got up at 5am because I was honoured to be invited and determined to help them celebrate what they do so well at JT Beedham's. Naturally, I couldn't leave this blogpost without mentioning that I feature in this BBC quality video throughout. At the end you get to see the back of my head! Even I don't see that bit often!

Check out my blogpost about this fantastic evening HERE.

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