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Saturday, 21 June 2014

Delicious fruit and veg box from Woodlands Farm

I've never ordered a vegetable box before mainly because of the very close proximity of a fine fruit and vegetable shop in the village but during my visits to food fairs across the East Midlands I have often spoken to the providers of such services. Such is the case last year when I chatted to the guys from Woodands Organic Farm, Kirton in Lincolnshire. I took one of their brochures as I often do for information and was delighted when, very recently, they asked me, as a food writer, to review one of their vegetable boxes. I was so pleased that I said 'yes'.

I rang and spoke to a very friendly lady called Rachel and arranged a delivery date. It turned out that they chose to send me a whopping great Large Veg box that would be worth £17 with no delivery charge. The box was very lovingly packed and it was a pleasure taking everything out and enjoying the fact that this was all organic. It was like a veggy box Christmas! And like the Christmas stockings of my childhood it had some oranges in too. And blueberries - one of my favourites!

Looking at all the contents I would say that it was great value for money, very fresh and some of the items gave me 'food for thought' as I wasn't quite sure what to do with them. The artichokes I recognised from various food programmes but the purple roots foxed me for a while until I discovered they were Kohl Rabi, (German name meaning cabbage-turnip) and very popular  across Europe as a flexible root and with the Chinese as it can be used peeled and thinly sliced in stir fries. When eaten raw the taste if peppery with a hint of radish.

So far I have created a meal of new potatoes, carrots, broad beans and chard with a small beef steak. There was something very satisfying about preparing all the veg - popping the broad beans, washing the soil from the potatoes, snipping the greenery from the carrots and even washing the fine soil from my kitchen side. The chard and broad beans were steamed over the carrots (kept whole) and new potatoes and I decided to cut the steamed chard up very small and added a little parmesan at the last minute.

It was one of the most satisfying meals I have cooked in a while and although quite simple and very tasty it was because of the love that had gone into the products that Woodlands Organic Farm had put into their products. Highly recommended and do check out their prices in the  picture below. I think they offer very good value for money.

The box contents would be different each week because of the changing seasons and you can tailor your box so that you can be assured of no waste. Well I can assure you that this delicious fare won't be wasted and thank you Woodlands for this opportunity to enjoy a fab fruit and veg box.

Tel: 01205 724778

email for info at

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