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Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Rack of lamb with steamed vegetables.

I'm quite busy tonight so it was a pleasure to turn on the gas oven and bang in a rack of lamb - cooking in olive oil for and hour at gas mark 6. Some new potatoes start to boil on the stove top half way through the cooking followed by steamed asparagus and spinach. For myself I cook down a whole bag of spinach which reduces into a succulent mini heap of greenery on the plate. I love French butter with aspects of crunchy salt so I add this to the vegetables as they finish cooking with a shake of good black pepper. Overall, an hour and a bit of cooking and a chance to enjoy a glass or two of red wine whilst wrapping a few Christmas presents.

For future blogposts I have some great ideas in the pipeline for immanent posts about the Saturday market in Leiden Holland, Dutch cheese, shopping habits in The Netherlands and German butchers' shops in Southern Germany. Plus Christmas dinner in my house with a small joint of fillet steak and bay leaf! See you soon. Phil!!!!

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