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Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Some great news.

Times flies by when you are as busy as I appear to have been in the last six weeks. So firstly an apology to my readers for the lack of blog posts on this blog. I have been working full time as always and have been very busy reviewing plays and writing theatre based features and interviews for a number of other platforms. This has left me with little time and energy to devote to my writing about my food experiences and interests. Things are about to change.

During the soon to be upon us months of April and May I am taking a sabbatical from my job at Tesco. So that means nearly nine weeks of joyously concentrating on my writing and I mean to have to some great food adventures to tell you about possibly including a trip to France. Try imagining me dancing ecstatically around my kitchen at this point. I have not forgotten my promise to write more about German and Dutch food as well as French and I hope to be cooking some of the recipes myself as well as expounding upon them.

Last week I shifted my bookcases to different spaces in my house. Now they are all downstairs in the living room and kitchen (alright there are still a few language and WW1 based books hiding under the bed!). This change was so that I could easily get to my reference books for both my main passions - food and the theatre. What do you think of the new look? I love it.

Mostly food based books and magazines

Predominantly theatre books

Food books in the kitchen.
I normally recommend that meat is kept in the domestic fridge for a maximum of two days and last Tuesday I got a rack of lamb out of my fridge freezer with the intention of letting it thaw out and to eat it  early in the evening. Regrettably my laptop was messing about and very frustratingly I couldn't get on the internet. I spent three hours cursing because I was due to go out to the theatre that evening and knew that I would need my laptop to write and post three theatre reviews consecutively over the next three nights. I ended up refreshing the whole system and found myself back on the net seconds before I was due to rush out to Nottingham Playhouse to review a play called Mermaid. I never had a chance to cook the rack of lamb and it sat in the fridge in a glass topped casserole dish for four more days!

I was surprised that although it looked a bit greyer it smelt ok and looked alright once I had chopped it up into chops. I was tired Saturday evening so I cooked the rack in the oven and part boiled a few new potatoes which then got added to the roasting lamb chops with some pearly white cloves of garlic. In the meantime I sat down with a glass or two of wine and chilled whilst the unctuous cooking aromas drifted through the house. Two fresh rosemary sprigs from the big bush in my garden were added to the cooking lamb and I boiled a few broad beans (from frozen) to add to the final dish. It was very nice and just the thing to eat after a long day at work.

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