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Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Treat yourself a host of popular Food DVDS now available from Amazon through this blog

The observant among you will notice that the blue Shop At Tesco banner at the top of this blog has now vanished. It was an important part of an income source for my food blog. The affiliate company - Tradedoubler - informed me last week that of the 22nd July they will no longer be hosting Tesco as one of their listed companies. They do not explain why.

Phil Lowe

So I am replacing this banner with the AMAZON banner and 'I Recommend' box in the top corner of the blog. I will also be looking at reviewing my favourite food books and DVDs and linking them on my pages like Rick Stein one the one below. Any purchases, food based or otherwise, through the top banner link (click on the Amazon logo) and the more specific 'I Recommend' link will earn me a small commission. Thank you all for your aid and support in the past and I hope you will enjoy utilising my AMAZON links on my MUGOFSTRONGTEA food blog.

Rick Stein's new DVD (above) is available to pre-order through the Shop Now link. Due to be released 4th July 2016.

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