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Sunday, 17 July 2016

Does Nottingham seafood legend - Dave The Cockle Man - have a younger rival in town?

Ey up me ducks it seems that Nottingham's basket carrying seafood legend 'Dave the Cockle Man'  @TheCockleman may have a younger rival in town or rather the villages south of Nottingham. I was out in Ruddington yesterday and spotted a chap who, apparently, goes by the name of The Mussel Man. His big wicker basket was heaving with fishy goodies. Seemed a pleasant sort, about forty years old. He gave me one of his fliers and said to watch out for him if I fancied owt different seafood like. He had a strong local accent. The speed he was going around the local pubs, coupled with the big gold toothed grin on his face, gave the impression that he was doing a roaring trade. When I explained I was a food blogger he said it was ok if I took a few pictures of him on his rounds but he preferred it if his face wasn't shown. He'd had his teeth knocked out in a pub brawl over his food prices and the gold ones were new. Each to their own I guess. What a character!!!

Dave the Cockle Man

Mr Mussels on his rounds

"What time to they open?"

"Fancy some salty fish balls?"

"Is it early doors yet ducks?"

Here are some of the seafood and fish products you can buy from Mr Mussels (he is a big bloke – lol). Never did get his first name. I think he aiming for the upper end of the market as some of the items were quite pricey and more Gastro pub than selling to drunk people in pubs. I have left off the prices as they can change on a daily basis.

Mr Mussels Fishy Fayres.

Fish brains in a pot.
Load of Cod's Wallop (small or large tin)
Squid for a quid
Iced Skate
Sea Cow Milk – pint or litre
Smoked Kipper Sausages
Fish toes with extra cheese
Minimalist Cockle Burgers (one cockle per burger - no grit guaranteed)
Young Swedish Prawn Stars
Bottle of Dried Sea Mist
Cornish Genital Crabs
Fried Fish Freckles
Dotty Old Trout – well aged.
Salty Fish Balls
High Eels & Flat Soles
Barely Dressed Crab (X rated)
Know Your Plaice
Build Up Your Mussels (3kg by special order – enough for six people or three greedy people.)

It all sounds fabulous and so different. I'm itching to get myself some Cornish Genital Crabs soon and maybe a side dish of Salty Fish Balls. Good luck Mr Mussels!

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