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Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Latest news from a busy writer

Apologies for the small lapse in foodie offerings on this blog in the last week or so. I have been very busy doing overtime at work and trying to keep up with my theatre promotions and reviews on East Midlands It is a lot of unpaid hard work but definitely worth it.

Also for those of you who like the funny side of things that I write I have been re-vamping my comedy blog (new magazine style template and lots of new amusing content). I've been creating and developing more and more comedy ideas and getting very inspired by that. Do have a look and a laugh and feel free to comment. I have also created a Twitter page for the comedy blog so for those on Twitter please check me out at @60pluscomedy and follow me if you are so inclined.

I will be back with more food related blog posts very soon. I have lots of ideas but not always the time to implement them! Off to work now!

Phil Lowe

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