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Monday, 15 May 2017

Experiencing the Leiden food market by the canal on Wednesday.

Knowing that I was departing for England early on Saturday morning I was keen to re-visit the Leiden open market around the main canal basin on the Wednesday. Here is my short video of my experience. Emma, Ronald and I met up for lunch at the big fishmonger stand where I had a smoked eel cob and the others had some kibberlings (fried fish snacks with dipping sauce). Not sure why the uploading of the video has muddied some the of the faces though. That wasn't the case when I made the video. Hey ho.

Kibberlings with sauce.

My smoked eel cob.

The market was fairly busy with plenty of activity around the fish counter. Looking from a Tesco supermarket perspective I could imagine the cry of 'Temperature abuse!' going up seeing the various sorts of fish products piled high on the outdoor stand. However it was selling so quick that it mattered not that the fish potentially was out of temperature. And those salmon sides need trimming too!

Me with my super special and super talented friend Emma Brown.

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