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Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Fancy cakes!!!

I applied for a job fairly recently at a firm called and took a book out from the library to gen up on the world of cake decorating and cake making and wanted to share these wonderful cake designs with you. The book is called Cakes and cake decorating - step by step.



emikoworld said...

What What a wonderful cake!

French Fancy said...

They are works of art - it would even be a crime to cut into them

Ken Devine said...

I hope you manage to have your cake and eat it by getting the job.
They look too good!

Phil Lowe said...

Emikoworld: yes they do look good don't they.

French Fancy: I know but then again, get the knife. Yum.

Ken: Thanks very much. I had a look at their website. Their business looks super and a friendly family business too.

Karen said...

The cakes are lovely - seems a shame that they would have to be eaten in a way. good luck with the job too. I've been to the shop to buy cake decoration supplies, it's really good & friendly too.