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Saturday, 27 March 2010

Sweet tooth. What were your fave sweets of your youth?

When I was a boy and teenager (1960s and 70s) I used to love Old Jamaica chocolate bars and those fizzy flying saucers and Aztec bars as well as gobstoppers and aniseed balls. As a little boy growing up in Derby UK sweets were called tutoos.  What were your faves and from what era?
Old Jamaica only 9p!

Licorish Allsorts. I loved the blue ones

Fizz fizz fizz! mmm, orange tongue!

Do you recall the advert on the telly for this?



Anonymous said...

Growing up in the US, we had completely different candies than you. But I did love my red licorice and anything chocolate!

French Fancy said...

I loved pineapple chunks and aniseed balls. As for space dust, I had some quite recently - I bought my ma-in-law a retro pack of sweets from A Quarter Of. Fabulous.

Jean said...

My favourite was those little white chocolate buttons with hundreds and thousands stuck on top. I think you can still buy them.

Oh, and sherbet fountains.

The Quizzical Observer said...

Oh god, I loved Old Jamaica! I liked those flying saucers too. Sherbert dibdabs... dearie me.

John Medd said...

In no particular order: Arrow Bars, Fruit Salads, Bar 6, FAB lollies and Caramac (still going strong but no longer housed in 70s packaging).