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Tuesday, 11 October 2011

They've named a posh burger after me and other oddities

I took my camera for a walk around Nottingham today and saw some interesting sights. For those who know me as Frenchyphil, I spotted a sign outside a posh burger bar where they had a special on named after me! I've never been 'Burger of the Month' before. So proud!

The contents are brioche bun, 100% Aberdeen Angus beef with Stilton, bacon, onion jam, salad and relish. Aberdeen sur Mer being that famous city in France where they produce Le Stilton of course.

Moving on, I witnessed a young woman in a blindfold being guided around the Lace Market area with her guide describing the things that passed in front of them whilst the 'blind' person wrote everything down on a big pad. I think they were fashion design students.

I found out that Delilah (award winning deli) have built an outside eating section and I was intrigued by a massive round of Dutch cheese in the window. My cheese loving friend Rebecca would love to have a sample of that I guess.

I had a coffee at the Bonnigton cafe (part of the Trent Uni campus) and a beer at the Broadway cinema and some Aberdeen Angus beef with red onion chutney 'Food on the Move' sandwiches from M&S as I walked the streets and back alleys of Nottingham and was amused by this opportunity to capture a guy eating on the street.

I was amazed to see that the Ostrich burger bar near Waterstones had changed hands once again and the new owners were gearing up to sell their burgers and mussels (?) Good luck on that one guys.

For some reason I seemed to have an obsession for photographing old doors today and equally distressed buildings around and about.

Finally I spotted a spaced out dog and a man whose face was melting in a car park near to the music venue, Rock City. Fun days!


Gailsman said...

You like your little ambles around the city centre, don't you. I'm surprised that i didn't bump into you during my lunch hour.

John Medd said...

Are you going to the Beer Festival this weekend Phil?

Karen said...

I love this illustrated journey round Nottingham......K