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Sunday, 16 October 2011

No Nigel NO!

I found Nigel Slater (who I do like) had a new series on Channel Four and keenly picked up an episode on iplayer. This episode was about sausages. Image my horror when this imposter very very slightly resembling our dear Nigel appeared on my computer screen! Shock horror!

What has he done to himself in the latest series? Where has the naughty boyish floppy haired charm gone? Now he has a shorty haircut and a rough goatee and 'other guests' including Nigella who looked like she'd just died on the 'sausages' episode. Bring back bad boy Nigel!!! Please!!!
It's not OUR Nigel is it?
Added later: a picture of our Nige as we like to see him, slightly scruffy, slightly cheeky and great in Simple Suppers.


Janette Jones said...

Are you sure this isn't an old series as he's currently on BBC1 - complete with floppy fringe!

Karen said...

Oh No! I haven't seen the new series yet (not watching much TV at all these days), but he looks awful in the photo. Facial hair does not suit him, & he looks a lot older. i loved his floppy hair & slightly scruffy look. Perhaps it's an imposter, & the Real Nige will return soon?

Gailsman said...

I can't even remember what the 'original' Nigel looked like. Is it him, or is it a spoof cookery show?

Phil Lowe said...

Janette: could be an old series repeated, not sure.

Karen: I've added a picture our Nige as he should be.

Gail's Man: I've added a picture for you to compare.