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Friday, 16 April 2010

Playing with your food. Good or bad thing?

When I was a child and teenager living with my parents and subject to strict table manners, myself and my other siblings were often told off for 'playing' with our food.

This was often 'pea sharks swimming through the sea of gravy in the Yorkshire puddings' or making house shapes out of mashed potato and emulating Desperate Dan cow pies as we stuck the sausages into the mashed spuds. I'm sure that we did lots of similar things too and would love to hear of your own experiences and do you still play with your food before you eat it?

Me? Of course I don't play with food anymore... well, not often. Tee hee.

Die!!! Die!!! Gingerbread man!!!


Anonymous said...

I only play with the most interesting food and only in really chic restaurants. HA!

Keep playing, it's good for you.

Janette Jones said...

Poor Mr Gingerbread man, what's he ever done to you?

Ken Devine said...

I never thought of dipping biscuits as playing with food, but yeah I suppose it is. I guess I play with my food all the time.

Karen said...

As a child I never played with my food, as I was a very fussy eater & often refused to eat anything. So my poor parents had to create shapes out of my food to make it more interesting in the hope I'd actually eat something. Toast was cut into houses or letters, castles made from meat, spuds & vegetables, & so on. It didn't work much, but kept my parents busy!

Phil Lowe said...

Dedene, would I be able to afford a chic resto at the moment I would definately play with my food. :0)

Janette: He was swimming, honest!
The voice to kill him just appeared in my head. (evil laugh).

Ken: Good to hear it.

Karen: How fantastic to have such creative parents!

Gail's Man said...

I like to play with my food, but it often wins! I'm sure fish fingers cheat.

Phil Lowe said...

Please note: not that I suppose this will make any difference, but any stupid links to Chinese porn sites will be deleted straight away.