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Sunday, 11 April 2010

A good afternoon

I sometimes find it hard to relax and do nothing but today I enjoyed a good afternoon watching a moving film about the poet John Keats and his lover Miss Brown (Bright Star) and broke the time by doing some domestic clothes washing and I threw together a small salad from some camembert and saucisson sec and fresh bread. It was a nice afternoon and I had a little rest in bed for an hour before opening a bottle of Italian red wine and warming up a based tomato chorizo stew. It's been a nice day.

Next door's cat also came out for a fuss and cuddle.


Gail's Man said...

Had quite a good day too. Spent a nice afternoon pottering about in the front garden. Marmalade our cat sat watching me and sunbathing. Didn't lend a helping paw though.

Athina said...

Hi Phil I made a wrong spelling in my comment so I deleted it.

Glad to read about a day in the life of Phil. The pics are nice!

French Fancy said...

I like your clothes pegs

Phil Lowe said...

Gail'sMan: Glad you had a good day too. Soufie the cat was luxoriating in the sunshine most of the afternoon.

Tina: Nice to hear from you again. I've deleted yuor other two commnets and your mis-spelling made me smile.

French Fancy: Aaah the old dolly pegs. My sisters used to dress them up when I was a child.

Cheryl said...

Looks like your Sunday was nice and sunny! Mine, over here in sunny CA, was rain soaked, so I spent it inside 'painting' in between napping, eating and playing on the internet.

Have a great week!

Dean said...

I had a good day too, People saw the weather and came out to the car boot and spent some money which helps with the mortgage :)

Had a good day out today at the seaside(s) Filey,Speeton,Bridlington,Bempton cliffs and a trip up the lighthouse at Flambrough head !
Busy day lots of walking and ducking from seabirds.

Athina said...

I also like the wooden pegs. And so it's called dolly pegs. I love things English.

Karen said...

I love the open gardens, very conducive to friendlyness, and so very colourful. And as always, your food is delicious, & just the sort we like to eat. I confess I find it only to easy to sit & relax & do nothing, especially in the garden when I can just listen to the birds & insects, which are always surprisingly noisy.