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Friday, 9 April 2010

Oh Sophie! I think I've fallen in love with Sophie Dahl.

Call me fickle in the kitchen fantasy department but Nigella is like soooo last week for me now. :0) She knows I don't mean it really. Don't you darling? Nigella? Ni-gella? Come back! But but but - you were my fridge goddess!

However,moving on, I have recently been catching up on the BBCiplayer with the culinary adventures of Sophie Dahl in her chintzy TV kitchen and soft focus adventures into finger sucking and cooing - sorry - cooking. I have watched her three programmes so far - titled , nostalgia, romance and selfish, and enjoyed them all in a very very English way. Ahem.

 How many men, I wonder, imagine being entrapted in her chintzy tv kök (unfortunate Swedish word for kitchen) while she cooks up something delish, yet simple, for two. Something fresh and sexy. In addition, those same poor souls have to imagine spending the time utterly enraptured by a combination of her 'voluptuous pale blonde beauty in a soft woolen cardi' and her feminine silken tones. She is just sooo luuuurvley. Well, maybe it's just my fantasy.  Jamie Cullum? Who? Wedding? What? Jazz singer? It's a lie!

Hmmmm. Tastes good.

Well, regardless of a certain Mr Cullum, I look forward to many more evenings in warmly cuddled up with the 'delicious Miss Dahl' as she will be forever known to me and thousands of lustees and cookery fans. Could you whip me up a sexy lemon meringue please Soph? Sophie darling, do that thing you do so well with peas and mint and can you mek us a cuppa duck? I'll share the ginger biscuits with you. Promise. Hmm, you smell nice ...

Dreaming of Phil no doubt.


Janette Jones said...

you're so fickle Mr Lowe! Caught the first one but haven't watched the others - have to say thought it was a little strange and also she is cooking in a mock kitchen - it's not really hers!

Gail's Man said...

Go on be honest, you really have a crush on Fanny Craddock!

Phil Lowe said...

Janette: It IS her kitchen. It must be! It's all girly and romantic. Please don't destroy my fantasy. Please. Sophie, she doesn't mean it.

Gail'sMan: Fanny was quite nice - for a bloke.

Moannie said...

Give me the hairy bikers anyday...especially if they tie their hair back. Sophie is a sweet girl I'm sure, but it is all a bit too sensuous for me, even if she is taking the Mickey out of herself.