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Thursday, 17 November 2011

Luks grate. Dus wot it sais on hte box overall.

I am currently looking for a new washing machine to replace the old one that starting smoking (bad habit, I know) and couldn't help but share some of the reviews on a couple of Zanussi machines. In fairness most of the reviews were well written and formulated but these just had me in tucks. They are based on good and bad aspects of the purchaser's opinion of the washing machine. N joy.

* looks great, simple to use, quick wash options,has delay option and different spin speeds which reduces irony, always a bonus to me!

*Looks good, very easy to use, large drum, quieter than expected, washes very well and 1200 spin gets everything much drier that our previous machine, which was 1000 spin. Our previous Zanussi lasted 16 years and so we wanted to replace with another Zanussi.

*is bigger than the last machine i had, and doesn't qutie fit in the same space

 *great value - does what it sais
*I found the washing machine instructions very easy to fowllow for plumbing in and using hte machine.

*Good no nonsence machine

*Bad Points. non so far

*I put dirty washing in and clean washing comes out.

*Good value for money easy to use, having a larger drum is extremely helpful when the children move back home,easy to use. (no spare room? - Phil.)

*a bit noicy

*Clean looking machine works rfficiently

*good that you can have a quick wash

*Well built, well priced product with all the programes you need without being over elaberate and too gadgity. Runs quitly. Vwery happy with this washing machin

*I have just retired your previous model after loyal reliablity of two washes a day for 19 years after my sister gave it to me second hand at 2yrs old.I am so pleased to say the new one is quieter and looks younger so hopefully this one shall lasts as long. Thanks Zanusi

*we have always had sanuzzi and this was great value

*It's a Zanussi. It just works.

*Much quiter than my old Zanussi. Very easy to use - neither my husband or I have looked at the instruction book yet!

*Very happy overall. The drum size is significantly bigger and I'm very impressed.

*the start and pause button are too close toether and often end up pausing it then realise half an hour later its not on!

*Haven't found any nega yettives


Gailsman said...

It's always amusing when foreign languages are translated into English. Especially Chinese. Think there was always a slot on That's Life (remember that) when they read out some corkers

Jean said...

"I put dirty washing in and clean washing comes out."

What more could anyone want !! Buy it now !!

Phil Lowe said...

GM: :0)ni hau ma!Wo bu dong.

Phil Lowe said...

Jean: I love precision and that phrase says it all.