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Monday, 7 May 2012

Guten Appetit!

This is a fun video with me demonstrating my German language skills after shopping at the Co-Op for a few bits ready to make a healthy chicken soup. Lots of veg too and pepper. Here is short list of foodstuffs in German. All nouns are written with a capital letter in German. I’m a bit obsessed with the German language at the moment as I am going to Germany on the 18th of May to perform A Chip In The Sugar as part of a cultural exchange. See my other blog  for more details.

Das Gemüse = vegetables.
Die neue Kartoffel = new potatoes.
Die Karotte = carrot
Die Tomate =tomato
Der Lauch = leek
Der Pilz = mushroom
Die Zwiebel = onion
Das Vollkornbrot = wholemeal bread

Das Brot  = bread
Das Hähnchen = chicken
Die dicke Bohne = broad bean
Der Knoblauch = garlic
Das Bier = beer
Die Knabbereien = bar snacks
Die Suppe = soup
Der Gefrier – Kuhlschrank = fridge freezer

Guten Appetit = a good appetite

Today I even surprised myself by having a conversation – am telefon – with someone in Karlsruhe about the prices of tickets for travel on the tramway system in the city and the city environs. I was understood and I understood them!!!

Und nun, vorwarts gehe ich um das Hähnchen Suppe zu machen!

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