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Monday, 30 July 2012

A trip out to Batman's Wayne Manor...

Today I spent a lovely three or four hours out and about with my best mate Jeanette. We had a coffee at Waterstone's bookshop in Nottingham, enjoyed a galette and crepe at Aubrey's in central Nottingham and went out on the bus to Wollaton Hall and Deer Park on the outskirts of Nottingham to check out the historic building that was recently used in the Batman film - The Dark Knight Rises - as Wayne Manor.

We accidentally met an American lady on vacation who had recently seen the Batman film and thought Wollaton Hall and grounds were "charming" but wasn't sure how it had featured in the film!!!! Wayne Manor - home of Bruce Wayne!!

I complied a silly Sir Michael Caine does an audio tape visitors guide to Wayne Manor as Alfred the butler for Janette at which she had a Bat-giggle or two.

Around the grounds were clear evidence that Batman had been here as you can see (well those who are in tune with Batman anyway) he has left his mark.

Back in Nottingham Jeanette and I had a drink at Lee Rosey's in the city centre and saw a poster up for one of Nottingham's own foodie super heroes- Dave The Cockleman!

If you too fancy a visit to see the historic house that features as Wayne Manor in the latest Batman movie then check it out at



Christopher Frost said...

Glad you had an enjoyable day with your lady friend. It's good when you can have a lot of fun for very little money.

Shame that the weather hasn't been as good as it has been. But at least you didn't need your bat cape to keep dry

Phil Lowe said...

Yes, Jeanette and me had a good time thanks Christopher. Shared humour costs nowt and we did have a giggle as well as missing the rain. :0)