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Sunday, 1 July 2012

Beef fillet ends for a stir fry.

I decided to make a stir fry last night and bought some beef fillet ends (ends of the fillet steak muscle) and some ginger, garlic, mushrooms and green pepper. The three pieces of fillet ends were quite large, about 450g for the three, and I sliced them thinly and then prepped the garlic, pepper and ginger root. I have plenty of the beef left for another time.

Before I started the stir fry I cooked enough boiled rice to feed the African continent, twice. I almost always mis-judge the amount of rice I need to cook! Then I put that to one side whilst I got on with the stir fry.

For those of you that notice, I have changed the format and style of my blog here back to the old version. The all singin' and dancin' all bloggin' version was ok but I had to put a comment on my own blog to get on the dashboard to see if I had any comments (!?) and then delete my own comment. I prefer the old version and like the new copyright symbol by the header. Maybe it will prevent people from  copying my pictures and text.


Peter said...

Hi Phil

Hope all is well. The stir fry looks good. Like you I'm never good at measuring rice - I tend therefore to buy the branded packet savoury rice type thing.

All the best.


Jean said...

I agree Phil, the other format was smart but fiddly to use I think. For people who don't have all day to read blogs and just want to check in quickly that might be off-putting.

Your stir fry looks yummy.

BTW, do you think many people copy your pictures etc? I kind of accept that they probably will regardless of how I ask them not to. All the pictures are there if you Google the right words so that just makes me careful about what I publish as taking without asking is the norm these days - I was always taught to ask first but that seems to have gone out of fashion !!

Phil Lowe said...

Peter, thanks for your comment my friend. I do try not to waste the pot full of rice I have cooked but some does end up being thrown away.

Phil Lowe said...

Jean, I'm not sure if people do copy my text or pictures but this Copy Warning just appeared on my site. I presume supplied by Blogger.

Could you do me a favour if you have time. I managed to delete all comments from the previous four blogposts. How? Dunno. If you have time could you please re-d o yours as I so value them. Phil xxx

Snapping Hound said...

Hi Phil - I always cook more than I need - I then freeze teh left overs in portion sizes - so convenient.