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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Busy doing nothing ....

I've been spending some time just gazing at my garden and the neighbour's garden of late. I think summer may be on the way.

Time for a beer perhaps. Or maybe a strawberry grown by my neighbour.

My thoughts are currently about a re-visit to Germany in August to see my friends in a production of Boeing Boeing.

And ignoring the football... I even went up to the local airport to take a few pictures of myself to wish my friends Good Luck.

Meanwhile I sit on the stairs looking out on the garden with a cold beer. The little yellow poppies look cheery.

Hope you are all having a good day.


Jean said...

What lovely flowers.
This has to be the most disappointing summer I remember for a long time. Today it is positively dismal, cold, grey, breezy and drizzly. Positively horrid for the 2nd July.
Your photos brighten the day enormously !!

Phil Lowe said...

Thanks Jean for your comment. I love the flowers in mine and next door's garden. Yes the weather has been rubbish but there are always positive aspects to life.Going to Germany in August is certainly one of them!!