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Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Trout in paper? Truite en papillote?

Trout in cooked in paper with fennel and lemon? Yum. Well that was the starting point. Then I got concerned that the baking paper would catch fire 'doncso I abandoned ( French abandonnez) le project de cuisine and decided to do my own thing, whatever that would turn out to be. Something easy I thought - tasty and easy.

So I bought three stiff fresh rainbow trout from the fish counter at work and gutted, de gilled, cleaned and washed them myself. They are on offer at the moment so the cost was cheaper than normal. I also got some free butters with the fish and my choice was garlic and pepper butter. Even the words hot butter and pepper combined make me salivate!

Once home I poured myself a glass of wine. Yes I know it is red and white would normally go with fish but I wanted red so that is what got poured. Comprendez?

So - a quick meal - ready within an hour- all made on the hoof - as you English say. Cow obsessives! No wonder we call you Les Rosbifs! Une blague! Calmez vous!

Wash fish and put two in the freezer for another day.

Chop flat leaved parsley and make a parcel and insert into fish gut cavity along with the butter. Wrap up in silver foil parcel if wimpish about paper parcels. Cook on medium heat for half an hour, baste with peppered butter and leave foil open for the trout to brown and finish cooking for ten minutes.If you want particulars - Gas Mark 6 or 150 Electric.

Now at this point I thought along these lines: Could I be bothered cooking couscous/rice/new potatoes/ pasta to go with the fish? Non!!! Pas du tout!  I was tired so I looked in the fridge and low and behold some lovely on the vine tomatoes and mozzarella became quickly sliced and arranged made the dish perfect. Et Voila! C'est tout!

This simple and very tasty meal was just what I needed and one I would happily cook again or create a similar dish based on a cooked trout. Maybe next time I will even brave the paper cooked version!


Christopher Frost said...

I cook fish in the oven using paper, and fortunately it's not set the kitchen on fire. Although it does stick to the fish sometimes, even though it is meant to be greaseproof.

I must try your tip of opening the parcel for a little while, so the fish can get a suntan.

I tend to have it with vegetables and rice.

Bon appitite

Karen said...

Lovely - but don't be afraid of using paper - I've done it that way & although the paper does often go brown, I haven't had a fire so far. Actually I find foil easier to deal with, as you can wrap it up better.