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Monday, 21 January 2013

A simple and cheap meal

Last night I had some stir fried king tiger prawns with green beans and boiled rice and an Amoy black bean sauce. The king prawns were at a reduced price from work, the rice I had in my cupboard as did I the Amoy sauce. Altogether delicious combined and as I tend to do too much rice I have enough left for a couple of helpings of Egg Fried rice whenever the mood takes me.


Christopher Frost said...

Looks tasty

I made a noodle dish tonight with chicken (price reduction) and a special soy / Worcestershire sauce mix & onions & a red pepper.

Karen said...

Delicious. I had a few frozen king prawns (bought when they were on offer)stir fried with red & yellow peppers & garlic for lunch yesterday.I always cook too much rice, so I freeze the leftovers, as cooked rice develops toxins very quickly, & it only take a short time to reheat from frozen in the microwave or a pan.

philip lowe said...

Christopher: That sounds rather nice actually.

philip lowe said...

Karen: I didn't know that about cooked rice developing toxins. I too often cook too much.