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Thursday, 31 January 2013

Life chez Phil

Life has slowed down at work with the new year and I have been very creative recently making short films with the actor Michael Caine as my focus of humour. If you go to Youtube and type in MrFenchyphil you will find them all. They come under the heading of 'Michael Caine's Brief Encounters'. I have filmed nine short films so far, each one different from the other in some quite inventive ways!

Food-wise I haven't been that adventurous lately as my funds are still scarce and I have been the grateful recipient of some lovely food parcels from the Hope Church in Beeston. These are tins and packet items and my thoughts are that they feed me and what I don't spend on food I save money on. I never thought I would be so grateful for a Fray Bentos pie in a tin. Actually it was nice and very easy to warm though in the oven. With the tins of tomatoes I can make up some nice meals with pasta and things from my freezer. I am being very frugal with my spending on meats and fish and veg too but still eating well. Each time eat or drink any of the food items I say a little 'thank you' to the unknown kind people who donated the food to someone struggling like me.

 I am still considering what to do with the above item however! The Monty Python Spam song seems to be permanently lodged in my head now! Bloody Vikings!

My hair style (if that's the word) has gone from trampy to shorty all in the name of art in order to get a different look for each of my short films.

Tonight I had the treat of a pork chop with sweet potato mash and green beans and I have raided my freezer to get some frozen lamb's liver out to make a chopped tomatoes and liver stew for my tea tomorrow night.


Karen said...

I will look at those films tomorrow, they sound like fun. Spam.....oh dear. We had a Fray Bentos steak pie from a tin last week, as I am trying to eat what we have in the pantry, not buy new stuff.I think I bought it when it was on offer about 2 years ago, & it was months past it's best before date, but was suprisingly tasty. Spam has always refused to go down my gullet, in fact I remember my Dad trying to force some down my throat when I was little. My parents (in their 80's) both adore it, & strangely prefer Spam to smoked salmon. They have it in sarnies, omlettes,sliced & dipped in batter then name it, they can Spam it. I think mum even made a rather disgusting curry with Spam in it once. It must just be me being fussy, as my sister also likes it, as does my Grandson's Mum (she is only 21, so how she developed a taste for it I have no idea).
Your hair looks very smart in the last photo.

Christopher Frost said...

A shame that you are having to go through such a lean period at the moment. Shame that Tesco can't give you more hours, or more wages. But at least you are keeping happy with your funny little sketches

Jean said...

I loved Spam fritters when I was a little girl, usually served with a dollop of baked beans and, if I was very lucky, a few home-made chips.

philip lowe said...

Karen: Prefer Spam to smoked salmon? Blummin' heck. Oh now that made me laugh 'curried Spam' ! Thanks for the nice comment about my hair. x

philip lowe said...

Christopher: I don't really want more hours as it all gets taken away in tax and not worth doing. Yes I am keeping happy thanks.

philip lowe said...

Jean: We probably did have Spam when we were kids but I can't remember it being part of our diet. My step mum baked a lot. We often had sausage meat pie to fill us up. Followed by rhubarb pie or goose berry pie. Both pies had very thick crusts!