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Monday, 4 February 2013

My actor/writer blog

Some of you may have forgotten that I write another blog about my writing and acting experiences. In the past I tended to restrict it to periodic musings on my passions for acting and the documentation of my experiences.

I have decided that I will be more active on this acting blog and as I am developing my comedy and writing through short films on Youtube I will be writing brief accounts of the making of these films. Plus I want to help people connect with the books I like to read on theatre and film so we will be seeing more writing and opinions from me about these subjects as well as films I enjoy.

I've also added banners to each blog so that folk can get direct to to order a reviewed book or dvd directly without leaving my blog. All helpful stuff.

Hope that you enjoy any writing I do there and feel free to subscribe to any of these blogs and comment.

Phil Lowe.


Christopher Frost said...

Always happy to read of what you've got to say Phil, especially as I like to tread the boards too

philip lowe said...

Christopher: I know you do. Are you involved in any of your community plays of late?