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Thursday, 21 November 2013

Doctor Who and the Dalek cupcakes.

I saw an advert in the Radio Times (a Doctor Who special) featuring some Doctor Who goodies to add that certain inter- galactic something to your cupcakes - like turn them into a Dalek! Being a Doctor Who fan I felt compelled to write a blog post about the products that Lakeland are offering in their catalogue and online at Lakeland also have a great selection of really good quality items for the kitchen and their kitchen knife selection is exceptional.

Silliness completely took over me and I decided to have a bit of fun making a short video using my best Dalek voice. Don't be scared it's only me and the woodlands made of asparagus!

Using Lakeland's Doctor Who products you can dress up your cupcakes to look like Daleks or top them off with a K9, a Tardis or the good Doctor himself. Not only that but you can get a brilliant three tier Dalek cake stand to show off your creations. Plus there are Weeping Angels cookie cutters, a Tardis chocolate mould with six Doctor Who characters, Dalek cupcake cases (50 for £2.99) and a selection of party items. The party items include a garland with seven characters from the TV series and paper Doctor Who plates.

For keen Doctor Who fans this Saturday with The Day of the Doctor at 7.50pm on BBC1 and on BBC3 we have Doctor Who Live; the Afterparty at 9.05pm followed by Doctor Who: the Ultimate Guide until 12.05am. get those Dalek cupcakes made now!

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Christopher Frost said...

Mad bugger!
I'll be glued to the TV on Saturday night. Just watched the fictionalised account of how the show came into being on BBC2. Great stuff